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Window Screen Repair / May 11, 2017

How Much Does Door & Window Screen Repair Cost?Keeping screens in good repair is important to keep bugs and debris outside your home, porch, or pool area- where they belong. Mending or replacing damaged screen fabric, adjusting frames, and upgrading hardware and materials can help restore the appearance and function of any screen, whether in a window, door, porch, or pool enclosure. Your repair pro can evaluate the condition and use of your screens to determine what repairs and upgrades are most practical, and how the characteristics of the job will contribute to pricing.

Scale of the Job

Many pros charge a flat rate per screen or window for repair work, and fees generally range from $20 to $60 per window, depending on their size, accessibility, and the type of screen frame or material used. On some projects, it makes more sense to charge by the hour or for the whole job, such as for work done on non-standard windows or openings, or on a large-scale job. When that’s the case, a technician or handyman will probably charge between $20 and $40 per hour, plus materials. Preparation is consistent for most projects, so it is often more cost-effective to have several screens repaired or upgraded at one time, depending on how your contractor charges—many bill a minimum fee of $50 or more, no matter how small the job.

What's Involved

The nature of the work involved in screen repairs is an important factor in the cost of the job. Snapping in a whole new pre-fabricated frame is much simpler than taking the frame out of the window, removing damaged screen fabric, replacing the fabric, and reinstalling the frame. However, what you save on labor costs could be made up on materials; a new standard window screen could cost $30 or more, compared to about $10 for the supplies to replace the fabric and spline on an existing frame. Be sure to compare options and pros’ recommendations to decide what makes the most sense for your screens and your budget.


The difficulty of accessing damaged screens will influence the time and equipment needed for the project. If your screens are already out of your windows, can be removed from inside, or are located on the first floor of your home, the job is much simpler than retrieving and reinstalling screens from the outside on an upper level. If your pro needs an extension ladder or staging to reach second or third floor windows from the outside, the extra setup time and risk could add $100 or more to the bottom line.

Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$50 - $80 $105 - $130 $110 - $220

The cost of screen repairs is affected by both the scale and scope of the job. Our examples show how a few differences in the details affect the cost of repairing two standard window screens.

A Quick Fix: $50 - $80

  • • Materials: Replacing torn screen fabric with economy insect screen keeps materials expenses under $20 on this job.
  • • Labor: Repairing the screens takes a little time, but falls under a pro’s minimum fee, which could range from $30 to $50.

Swapping Out: $105 - $120

  • • Materials: It’s not worth the effort to salvage the bent screen frames on this job. All-new frames with standard insect screen come with a price tag of $40 each.
  • • Labor: Installing replacement frames requires minimal effort; the bulk of the cost on this job is wrapped up in the new screens.

Adding an Upgrade $110 - $220

  • • Materials: Replacing standard screen fabric with a pricier solar or pet screen can add up to $40 to the budget.
  • • Labor: Even with upgraded screen fabric, the installation process is straightforward. However, it costs a bit more when the pro has to first remove the screens, then reinstall them after the job is done.

Door & Window Screen Repair Services

As you plan for screen repairs, consider how the location and condition of your screens may affect the cost of the job. While typical patching and rescreening tasks are generally straightforward, repairing frames and replacing hardware could increase the complexity and expense of the project. Discuss with your contractor if removing and replacing screens influences the cost of repairs, and whether upgrading screen fabric may help prevent future damage in some settings. Thorough planning can help you budget for an effective and lasting repair.