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Window Screen Repair / January 14, 2017

I called them on Monday 5-4 to ask about sending someone to measure and cut a casement window screen about 1/8-1/4" shorter, as it no longer fit due to repairs on the window. The responder told me it would cost close to $90 to send a guy out, see if the screen was reparable, and do the job, returning the screen later. He also said if I brought it in and they could repair it, it would only cost about $15-20, but I would have to do the measuring and be responsible for its accuracy. I agreed, and brought the screen to them. Given that the screen's frame was already dented, and the difficulty of shaving so little off, they declined to repair it and suggested a new frame, at about $30. I agreed and they said it would be ready Thursday morning 5-8. By Tues noon, they called and said it was done. I picked up the screen right before they closed. It fits perfectly. Small job, but they executed it as if it were a big one and did excellent work.

Source: www.angieslist.com