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Window Screens / March 27, 2017

I understand things go wrong, and had one or two issues happened I would have let it go. I purchased my first brand new home in March. I went to the Bossier City Lowe's on 4/1 to order blinds for all the windows. There was no one working in the blind dept, but a man from another dept said he could help me. I said I needed to have someone come out and measure my windows and then order blinds. He offered to cut them "right now" to which I explained again I needed accurate measurements. He then led me to the front of the store to a small office where I was asked how many blinds and contact info. This, I later found out to be the "detail ticket" ordered the measurement. I asked do I need to pay anything now, and was told "no, just wait on the installer to call you."

The next day I get a call from the "detail" lady and was told I needed to pay for the detail 1st, so back to Lowe's I go. This was during the special offer financing for the 12/18/24 months depending on amount financed. I asked her will I still get this because it ended the next day. I was told yes, as long as the detail is written, I will get the promotion. She even wrote it on my yellow folder. Now, within a few days, the installer called and asked me when I was available. When I told him I work M-F till 4 he informed me I had a "complicated schedule" and that he only works till 4 on M-F, so I had to leave work early to have my windows measured.

Now, the fun part trying to order blinds. I already knew what I wanted and was told by Jennifer in blinds at the Bossier store I had to come in and "look at the books". I was also told that she only worked until 2 and that I would have to leave work again early. So, I went to Lowe's the following morning at 830 and was told Jennifer didn't come until 10 AM. I explained I was going into work late because she had told me she would be there. This guy was a nice guy, Cody, who worked in flooring and was PRN. He tried to help me and we eventually got a ticket written for the blinds and 2 custom shades. He said he would call me in 45 minutes or so with an estimate. 4 hours later I still hadn't heard from him and called and spoke with a Jeffery after 10 or so minutes on hold and he was able to give me my total and told me I needed to come back in and sign a contract. So, here I go once again back to Lowe's to sign a contract.

When I arrived Jeffrey had my contract up at customer service. So, I signed and was then ready to pay for my blinds. When they rang it all up, the cashier asked did I want the 5% or the 6 months financing and I said I was told by the detail dept that I would still be eligible for the promotion and she responded with "well, it's not giving me that, so do you want the 6 months or what?" At this point I asked to speak with the manager. A man calling himself the manager came up and when I started to tell him my story, he put up his hand and said "mam, just tell me what you want." I said I wanted the promotional offer, he eventually told the cashier to ring me up with a promotional code sticker.

At that point I paid with my Lowe's credit card and thought "I am so glad that is over, my blood pressure is up". So, fast forward 10 days or so and there my blinds are at the door. Come to find out the blinds were not ordered correctly as I ordered cordless, and these were corded. OK, so I try to call Bossier Lowe's 4 times that evening and kept being routed to an extension that nobody ever picked up (I asked for a manager), so out of desperation, I call the Shreveport location and ask for a manager. I was connected to Shonda, who has been of huge help. She and Victoria were able to order the correct blinds and shades that evening over the phone, but now I had 2 large charges on my Lowe's card.

The first charge could not be taken off until everything was returned. I was told to load all the blinds up and bring back to the store and after verbalizing my concern that they would not all fit in my Toyota Corolla, Shonda did arrange for Lowe's to come pick up the blinds. She also said at this point the sale is coming from Shreveport and not Bossier. Fast forward to May 4th and the correct blinds and shades made it to my house. However, I still had over a 500 charge because the incorrect shades never arrived. So, back on the phone with Victoria I go and after some research she saw where the order had been cancelled prior to delivery and that the Bossier store had to do the credit and at that time no one at Bossier knew how to process a refund on your Lowe's card so it would have to wait until Shonda came to work at Shreveport to talk the Bossier manager thru it.

On May 4th when I let Victoria know all blinds had arrived she told me she alerted the installer. On May 5th around 10 AM, Shonda called me and let me know she alerted the installer and he had 48 hrs to get in touch with me. On Saturday, May 6, Victoria called me again and asked had the installer reached out and I told her no, to which she said she just let him know and he has from Monday thru Friday to get in touch with me. So, here I am still with no window shades and will have to leave work early yet again for the installation. This has been the most complicated mind boggling experience and I do not recommend anyone to have any dealings with Lowe's at this point.