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How Much do Replacement Windows Screen Cost

Windows Screen Shades / September 2, 2022

If you aren’t concerned about nullifying the warranty and still want to try to replace the screen on your own, lay the screen frame out flat, use a screwdriver to remove the screen and spline, and measure how much you need to replace them. When you purchase the new materials, make sure they’re each a few inches longer and wider than the old screen and spline.

Use a spline roller to drive the new spline into the groove of the frame. Start with a short side, says Shane Johnson, owner of highly rated Screens N Things in Indianapolis, before working your way to the opposite short side. Pull tightly as you roll the spline there. “That gets you the tightness you need from your screen, ” he says.

On the long sides, use the spline tool to roll a groove in both sides, and then roll the spline in it. “What that does is get the screen taught, but not too taught that it’s bowing, and not too loose that there are ripples, or it’s baggy.”

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