How to Clean Your Window Screens Before Winter

How to Clean a Windows Screen?

Windows Screen Shades / August 15, 2022

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By: Joe Truini

Cleaning window screens with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush attachment.

Window screens need to be cleaned every year to remove trapped dust, dirt, and pollen. To clean window screens, remove the screen from the window and use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft bristle upholstery brush attachment.

Give screens a more thorough cleaning every four to five years using a garden hose and spray attachment. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: You should remove the screens from your house at least once a year and clean them. What I used to do is wash them with a hose, rinse them down, leave them out to dry. But that was way too much work, especially because an average house has between 15 and 20 screens, so it takes quite a while.

Here’s a much faster, quicker trick. Just use a standard household vacuum, or you can use a wet-dry vacuum, and put on an upholstery brush. Almost all vacuums come with such an accessory. It has nice soft bristles. Just put it on and use the vacuum to clean the screens. Let me show you how.

There you go. In just a few seconds you’ve cleaned the screen, and because the bristles are nice and soft, there’s no chance of damaging it. Now, if you do this every year, the screens will stay nice and clean, but you still may have to wash them with a hose. But I would say maybe only every four or five years. It saves you a lot of time.

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