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How to Fix a Bent Windows Screen?

Windows Screen Shades / March 6, 2021

Aluminum window screens can be adjusted to fix dents.Aluminum window screens can be adjusted to fix dents.

A home's windows are opened more often in spring and summer, but protective screens prevent insects and debris from flying into the interior. One common screen material is aluminum. This sturdy metal creates a fine mesh attached to a frame. Aluminum screens, however, are prone to denting over time. Such dents are unsightly and can make the screen less functional. Fixing a dented aluminum window screen requires reseating the mesh within the frame.

Remove the screen assembly from the window track by pulling up on its base-removal tabs and sliding it toward you. Some screen manufacturers may have a different removal process; consult your screen or window owner's manual for specific screen removal instructions.

Place the screen assembly on a flat surface.

Locate the frame side that is closest to the dent. Look between this frame side and the screen itself. There should be a spline, or securing strip, between these two assemblies. The spline is pushed into this narrow crevice to hold the screen taut across the frame.

Insert a flat-head screwdriver into this crevice. Pull the splice upward and out of the crevice by maneuvering the screwdriver's head under the strip. Spline lengths vary among manufacturers; some splines are a continuous strip along the frame while others may be four separate splines.

Repeat Step 4 for the two perpendicular sides of the frame that flank the original dented area. Do not remove the frame's fourth screen spline.

Pull the loosened screen taut across the frame to remove the dent. Tape the screen to the frame temporarily with duct tape to retain the tension.

Press the spline back into the crevice at one corner with the flat-head screwdriver. Continue to press the spline into the crevice until all three sides are reattached again.

Remove the duct tape from the frame.

Cut any excess screen material from the frame's edges with a pair of tin snips.

Reverse Step 1 to reattach the screen to the window's opening.

Things You Will Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Tin snips


  • A true dent does not have any damaging holes in the mesh's structure; it is simply an indentation in the screen. If you find that the mesh has an actual hole after stretching it out, you will need to cut out the damaged area and patch it. Stretching damaged mesh will only make the hole larger over time, allowing pests to enter the home.