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How to Install Windows Screen Retainer Clips?

Windows Screen Shades / October 21, 2022

Window screen clips help keep an insect screen attached to the frame of a window on your house. These clips come in two basic varieties. Metal clips fit readily and easily to the frame thanks to custom clips that wrap around the outside frame snugly, whereas the second type screws into the frame. Plastic window screen clips come in different colors, while metal ones look like shiny aluminum or zinc. Learn to install either type of these window screen holders with just a few minutes of time.

Find the Right Size

Find the correct size clips for your window casing. Window screen holders attach to the outside casing, or jamb, of the window and hold screens up against the inside casing that holds the frame made of glass or thick plastic.

The size rating of a window screen clip indicates the width of the casing. If the clip measures 7/16 inch, the clip fits onto a window casing 7/16 inch thick. Measure the thickness of the outer casing before purchasing metal or plastic window screen clips.

Where to Install

Depending on your type of window, you may have to install the window screen first and then put the clips on later. For clip-on varieties, you normally put the clips on first and then install the screen from the inside of the house. Rivet-type screen clips may go into a frame after the screen.

Typical window screens contain four clips. Install one each a few inches above each corner of the window. Some rivet-type clips have one each along the top and bottom at the midpoint of the casing or jamb. Take accurate measurements to ensure the clips look even.

Clip-On Variety

A clip-on variety screen clip simply has a bent piece of metal that you slide onto the frame. The clip extends around and keeps the screen secure in the groove outside of the main casing.

Rivet Types

Rivet-type clips require a little more work to install. Measure and mark a hole to drill in the center of the outer casing of the window. Pick a drill bit slightly smaller than the rivet that goes into the frame. Drill only part of the way into the casing, otherwise you puncture a hole all the way through it.

How to Buy Window Screen Clips on eBay

Buy window screen clips on eBay after perusing the Home & Garden or Business & Industrial categories. Limit entries by brand, condition, price range, and ZIP code of the seller down the left side of the page. Complete your purchase after winning an auction or choosing a Buy It Now option.

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