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How to Take off Windows Screen?

Windows Screen Shades / September 14, 2022

A window screen usually consists of some fiber mesh, such as fiberglass or metal wire, and serves the purpose of keeping insects from entering the home. The screen also protects the home from dirt, leaves, debris and animals like birds. A window screen can seem awkward to remove, because it matches the dimensions of the window and is situated within small grooves not easy to access. If you try to force the screen out, you may break it, so technique is key.

Examine the window and remove any screen clips. A screen clip is a small, plastic, removable tab that holds the window in place, usually seen on windows with two half screens.

Look for any visible pins or springs on the window screen. Some screens require you to push on small springlike mechanisms called finger lifts, or finger routes, and some window screens contain pins known as plunger pins, which you must push to lift or adjust the screen. If you see any pins or springs, push on them with your fingers and see if the screen adjusts on its own. This action alone may allow you to remove the screen in some cases.

Determine which side of the screen, if either, contains tension springs. While you probably won't be able to see the springs with the screen in place, you can find them by gently pressing on each side of the screen until you notice a springlike action coming from the top, bottom or one of the sides. If one side of your screen has pull tabs, your springs are likely on the opposing side.

Push on the spring side to stretch the screen inward, freeing it from its groove. If you can wedge your fingers between the window and the screen, gently do so. When you have contracted the screen as much as you can without forcing it, slowly push it outward to remove it from the grooves completely. If you have a pull tab, use it for leverage, but do not force it, as these tabs can easily break.

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