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Jalousie Windows Screen

Windows Screen Shades / September 17, 2023

The Tafco Jalousie window is masterfully engineered to provide the slim profile that elegantly compliments both modern and traditional styles of architecture. Tafco's jalousie windows are created with maximum air ventilation and light penetration in mind. Jalousies are the only window style that can remain open during a rainstorm allowing fresh washed air to enter your home. Careful attention has been given to each feature of these windows to ensure that your windows are the finest, most maintenance-free jalousies available. The Tafco jalousie window will add charm and warmth to your house. Every window has a deluxe, accurately fitted, recessed insect screen.

  • Louvers open up to 110° angle, now you can open jalousies past the half-way mark and actually angle the jalousie louvers so that they scoop in every bit of cool, fresh air that is headed your way

  • Indirect ventilation, angled glass louvers slanting downward break up direct air currents allowing only soft fresh air to enter

  • Finished aluminum frames cannot rust or rot and stay clean and bright year after year

  • 100% Weather-stripped

  • Perfect for homes where large window areas are desired

  • Slanted louvers deflect rain, keeping the inside of your home dry

Source: www.homedepot.com