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Windows Screen Shades / September 28, 2022

BALTIMORE - Screen painting in East Baltimore won't die, not on Elaine Eff's watch. The folklorist has been on a crusade for three decades to preserve the kitschy art - landscapes painted on rowhouse window screens. The screens are for decoration, and privacy, too: The paintings allow residents to see out and prevent passersby from seeing in.

"It was a way of saying, 'Come a little closer, ' " Eff says. " 'Not too close.' "

Next weekend, the American Visionary Art Museum will host "Rowhouse Rembrandts, " a celebration of the art with workshops, demonstrations and a party for the old masters. An exhibition at the museum includes rowhouse facades decked out with painted screens and Eff's 1988 documentary "The Screen Painters, " playing on a loop.

Painted screens are native to Baltimore and exist in the same family of city-specific quirks as the word "hon" and John Waters. The screens used to adorn nearly every rowhouse in East Baltimore, says Eff, the president of the Painted Screen Society of Baltimore. Today, roughly one out of every 30 homes in the Canton neighborhood carries on the tradition.

Eff, who is in her 50s, started knocking on doors and asking about painted screens in the mid-'70s as a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. She wrote a 412-page dissertation in folklore studies on screen painting. She's still the tradition's cheerleader, keeping tabs on surviving screen painters and helping inspire a new generation with events such as the show at the Visionary Museum, which she helped organize.

Baltimore screen painting got its start in 1913 when Czech immigrant and grocer William Oktavec decorated his screen door with an image of the produce and meats sold inside his store. A neighbor asked Oktavec to create one for her home (to deter peeping Toms), and the art spread by word of mouth. The heyday of screens was in the 1920s and '30s, when every neighborhood had its own screen painter, Eff says. Oktavec died in 1956; his grandson John carries on the family trade.

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