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Windows Screen Clips

Windows Screen Shades / August 26, 2022

Record game clips and screenshots of the games you love playing—on Xbox Live, Steam, or other services—and share with all your social networks.

To start taking screenshots and making game clips, press the Windows logo key+G on your Windows 10 PC.

Find the game clips and screenshots you made with Game DVR at Xbox app > Game DVR On this PC. By default, the captures are saved to your Videos folder, in a folder called Captures. Each video and screenshot is identified with the game’s title and metadata that shows when the image was captured.


While you’re playing a game, press the Windows logo key+G to open the Game bar. If a program has already been identified as a game, the Game bar will appear, as shown below:

  1. The Xbox button launches the Xbox App, which alternates with your gamerpic.
  2. Press the camera icon to take a screenshot.
  3. The Record that button turns the most recent few moments of gameplay into a game clip when background recording is turned on. To turn it on, go to Game bar > Settings Record game in the background.
  4. The Record button starts and stops a recording. While you’re recording, a timer shows the length of the clip.
  5. The Settings button opens a pop-up window that allows you to control Game DVR settings. Learn more at Adjust Game DVR settings on Windows 10.
  6. The Move button lets you change where the Game bar appears on the screen.

The first time you use the Game bar with a particular game, you’ll be asked if you want to open the Game bar. Select the checkbox to confirm that program is a game.

Some games may block your ability to record. If so, you’ll see the notification, “This app can’t be recorded.”


  • Game bar won’t appear for some PC games in full-screen mode. To start and stop recordings without using the Game bar, use the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key+Alt+R to start and stop recording. The screen will flash to indicate the start and end of recording. If background recording is turned on, Windows logo key+Alt+G will record the last few moments of gameplay.
  • If the shortcuts don’t work for a full-screen game, press the Windows logo key+G. The screen will flash twice to confirm that the game is recognized. Then, open the game in full screen again.

Keyboard shortcuts for Game DVR include:

  • Windows logo key+G: Open the Game bar
  • Windows logo key+Alt+G: Record the last few moments of gameplay (You can change the amount of time recorded in Game bar > Settings.)
  • Windows logo key+Alt+R: Start/stop recording
  • Windows logo key+Alt+Print Screen: Take a screenshot of your game
  • Windows logo key+Alt+T: Show/hide the recording timer
  • Windows logo key+Alt+M: Start/stop microphone recording

To set up and use customized keyboard shortcuts, press Windows logo key+G, select Settings > Shortcuts, and adjust the settings there.

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