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Windows Screen Shades / August 19, 2022

Dialogs are a sub-type of modal windows, and the examples covered here are for standard material system dialogs. (Other modal window constructions aren’t covered here because they have too much variation, such as branded buttons for purchasing flows, non-standard UI form elements, or unique layouts.)

Reduce interruption

Use dialogs sparingly because they are interruptive. Their sudden appearance forces users to stop their current task and focus on the dialog content. Not every choice, setting, or detail warrants interruption. Alternatives to dialogs include menus or inline expansion, both of which maintain the current context.

Dialog prominence

Dialogs should never be obscured by other elements or appear partially on screen. Dialogs always retain focus until dismissed or a required action has been taken, such as choosing a setting.

Dialogs should avoid:

  • Opening dialogs from within a dialog
  • Containing scrolling content

Full-screen dialog exception

Full-screen dialogs may open additional dialogs, such as pickers, because their design accommodates additional layers of material without significantly increasing the app’s perceived z-depth or visual noise.

Example of dialog content

Example of a full-screen dialog

Scrollable content exception

Some dialog content requires scrolling, such as lists of ringtones.

  • For scrollable lists of options, the dialog title remains pinned to the top. This ensures that a selected item remains visible with the title, regardless of the item’s position in the list.
  • Otherwise, the title scrolls off with the content. Actions always remain in place when content scrolls.

Dialogs are separate from the underlying parent material and do not scroll with it.

Displaying additional content

To disclose additional content in a dialog, do so using inline expansion within the content area. Or consider alternative components that are optimized for large amounts of content.

Dismissing dialogs

Dialogs may be dismissed either by tapping outside of the dialog, or tapping the system back button (on Android). Alternatively, the user’s ability to dismiss a dialog may be disabled, so that one of the actions must be chosen before proceeding.

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