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Windows Screen Shades / October 7, 2022

Fly Screen Windows that supply vision, and security

A fly screen window is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoor atmosphere of the hotter months in Melbourne, without having to deal with insects or dust from windy conditions. Best of all, fly screens can be attached to any sized window or doorway. Our screens are manufactured right here in Australia from the best local materials, and are resistant to damage and warping. We also make our screens to be easy to use, and can offer you a wide range of different opening and closing methods.

The fly screen window assemblies we make are easy to remove in case of an emergency, and will also enhance your privacy and security. We can also offer you a fly screen window in Melbourne which will compliment your home’s design, with our wide range of frame colours and materials. Awesome Blinds can provide you with a fly screen window which will:

  • Keep out flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • Allow you to enjoy the outdoor weather and atmosphere.
  • Improve your privacy and security.
  • Come in a wide range of different frame colours.
  • Be durable and resistant to the extremes of the Australian climate.

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Fly Screen Windows in Melbourne

If you’re after a total privacy and security solution, we can also provide you with a security door. Made from the strongest, local materials, your new security option will protect your assets from would be intruders. We make our doors to be as attractive as possible, meaning that your security door will easily compliment your home, and not use unsightly metal bars or rods. You can contact our friendly team at any time to ask them about the services we can offer you.

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