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Child Proof Windows Screen

Custom Windows Screen / May 14, 2017

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In warm weather when our windows are open to the sights, sounds and fragrances of summer children may climb onto furniture or window sills and lean against screens to get a closer look at the world. Although window screens will not support the weight of a child who pushes against them, there are safety devices you can install that will help prevent falls.

Window Guards

Window Guards offer the best protection for young children and can be found in a variety of styles and colors. They prevent entry or exit while allowing you to keep your windows open. Best suited for traditional style, double-hung windows, they are recommended for windows above ground level. Window guards are designed to fit windows from approximately 14" to 58" in width. If you have crank-style or sliding windows, you’ll need window guards designed specifically for these windows. When selecting and installing window guards, remember to:

  • Designate one window for fire escape and install a window device that will allow exit in an emergency.

Window Latches and Locks

Window latches and locks are available in many different styles. They are designed to prevent windows from being pushed opened beyond a set distance (4" is the maximum child-safe distance).

Safety Products for Window Blinds

One solution to childproof blind cords is to simply cut the cords so they are out of your child’s reach. You can also use a cord wrap/cord cleat which screws into the window frame and lets you manually wrap the excess cord around it. With extra-long cords, two cord wraps can be installed approximately 4 inches apart for quicker, easier wrapping. Another popular solution is an item that automatically spools the extra cord inside a plastic case by just pushing a button. Here are a few safety tips that will also help prevent injuries:

  • Be sure to designate one window as an emergency exit in case of fire and install a window guard that can be easily removed by an adult if necessary on this window.
  • If you have traditional-style, double hung windows, make a habit of opening them from the top. Keep the bottoms locked with a device that your child cannot open, or install a safety device that will not allow windows to be pushed open beyond a safe distance.
  • If you have crank-style windows, you can remove the cranks so children cannot open the windows.
  • Keep your window areas clear. This will help prevent tots from climbing on furniture, toys and other items to reach windows.
  • Check all blind cords to make sure they are out of your child's reach.


· DO examine window areas carefully to make sure that children cannot climb on furniture and place themselves in danger.

· DO check all your windows and secure any dangling cords from blinds.

· DO

· DON'T rely on window screens to prevent falls from windows. They cannot hold the weight of a child who pushes against them.

· DON'T place furniture near windows as this offers easy access for young children.

· DON'T leave your child unattended, or rely on any safety item to keep your child safe.

The information given and the products referred to can reduce the likeliness of injury and are intended to help you provide a safer environment for your child. The effectiveness of suggested products depends on proper installation and use. There is no replacement for adult supervision.