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Adjustable Windows Screen

Window Screens / February 7, 2017

I recently moved into a new apartment and as great as it is, none of the windows have built-in screens. There are several trees in the front of the building that are home to some birds and squirrels who could easily stop in for a visit, so I decided that I definitely needed to pick up some adjustable window screens.

Even though the screens expand to fit the window, their fixed height is limiting.

And once they're installed, you can no longer adjust the height of the window opening. So if it rains, your only choice is to let your stuff get wet or shut the window completely. Since I live on the second floor and the windows overlook a busy sidewalk, I was also concerned about the screens falling out and hitting someone below, especially when I was removing the screens from the window.

I came up with a super easy way to secure the screens and still allow the window to be opened as much or as little as needed. With a little velcro, you can affix the screens to the inner window frame. They won't fall out, and you can adjust the window opening for as much fresh air as you want. The windows can be closed when it's cool or rainy and the screens can easily be removed and stored during the winter months.