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Double Hung Windows Screen

Windows Screen Shades / January 10, 2018

hd_scr_spring1All double hung windows installed after March 14, 2016 feature FlexScreen – the world’s first flexible window screen!

Full Screen

Half Screen

Operation of aluminum screens for windows installed before March 14, 2016

Full Screen Operation

Half Screen Operation

Remove screens from inside home.
If window has two screens, remove top screen first.

With both sashes tilted in:

Replace screens from outside home.

If window has two screens, replace bottom screen first then replace top screen like this:
Start with the right side of screen…

hd_scr_dht_remove1… then left side goes in:

Making a service inquiry?
Please help us identify the window at issue.

Wallside Windows made since 2003 have unique code numbers printed on the spacer between glass panes in the upper right or left corner of each sash. Please refer to this number which we call a “unit ID” when contacting us about a service issue.

For windows without a unit ID, you can help us by providing the following information:

  • In what room is the window located?
  • How many windows are in the room?
  • Do the windows look the same size or is the window at issue larger or smaller?
  • Does the window operate up and down or side to side?
hd_scr_dht_remove3 hd_scr_dht4 hd_scr_dht5 hd_scr_dht6