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Windows Screen Shades / January 3, 2022

If you have a missing or severely damaged window screen, you probably need a new one. Now you’re probably asking, “Gees, where do I find screens for mobile home windows?” You’re in luck. Mobile home window screens aren’t much different than screens for any type of window. The trick is finding them in the right size.

To obtain the correct screen size, you have two options. First option is to build the screen yourself using frame kits available at many home improvement stores. The second option is to spend a few extra dollars and order them online. For what little money they charge to build and ship the screens, I personally wouldn’t bother with making them.“Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen” is locked Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen 1 But for those of you who wish to build your own screens, read on.

Step 1 – Know the size of screen you will be building. Either measure the old screen or a same-size screen from another window, or measure from frame to frame in window and subtract 1/4″.

Step 2 – Purchase a window screen frame kit at an area home improvement store. Pick up a roll of screen that will match your existing windows. You will also need a spline tool. If the kit does not contain top springs and hand pulls, you need to buy those too.

“Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen” is locked Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen 2Step 3 – If the frame kit comes with the spline installed, remove the spline by pulling up on one end.

Step 4 – Using the measurement taken from step 1, cut frame of screen using a hack saw. Before cutting, be sure to subtract the length of each corner. Instructions with the screen kit should tell you how much to subtract.

Step 5 – Lay out bottom pieces as shown. Push corner pieces into frame. Set screen pulls into spline track.

“Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen” is locked Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen 3

Step 6 – Lay out top pieces as shown. Insert top spring into frame, then push in corner pieces. Frame of screen should now be assembled.

Step 7 – Unroll screen covering and lay across frame so a couple inches hangs over on each side. Using sissors, cut screen.

Step 8 – Using spline roller, push spline into groove. Gradually work the spline around the frame until it’s well seated. As the spline is pushed into the groove, the screen will become taught.

A note about spline. Spline comes in several widths. If you are not buying a frame kit, I’d recommend buying the spline in a multi-pack. A multi-pack contains spline in several widths. When you get home with all the materials, you’ll then know for sure you have the correct spline.

Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen” is locked Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen 4 Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen” is locked Build a New Mobile Home Window Screen Mobile Home Window Screen Replacement 7 Mobile Home Window Screen Replacement 8

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