Adventures in Home Repair: Decks, Sunrooms, Vinyl Siding, Windows

Home Windows Screen Replacement

Windows Screen Shades / September 2, 2022

Though different variations existed in earlier cultures, modern window screens came into use in the mid-1800s, when a Connecticut inventor named Benjamin Gilbert and his business partner Sturges Bennett began producing metal wire screening for industrial use. Trying to increase sales during the Civil War, Gilbert and Bennett marketed the wire screening for use as window screening.

Many different screening options exist for windows and doors. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Katelyn S. of Cape Coral, Fla.)

• Aluminum

• Fiberglass in almost every color

• Synthetic fiber mesh

Variations of modern screening provide specific benefits for homeowners, including:

• See-through screening for a clear view of the home’s surroundings, especially in picturesque locations

• Tear-resistant screens for homeowners with pets

• Solar screens to block sunlight from fading a home’s décor, lower cooling bills and keep UV rays off one’s skin while indoors

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