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Windows Screen Shades / September 2, 2022

make a remote control motorized projection screen from ikea® blind

FAQ: Can I make a remote control home theater screen from an Ikea® blind?

We are often asked about using our motors to retrofit ordinary roller blinds and shades from retail outlets like Ikea® and Home Depot®. Many people also ask if it is possible to make a remote control home theater projection screen out of an ordinary blind.

Since our motors use low voltage DC power (12 volts), they are a very safe choice for DIY blind automation projects as the system will not harm children or adults, even if they accidentally touch hot wires that are powering the motor.

Using an Ikea® roller blind as a projection screen is not a new thing. As Hervé points out, many people have discussed this soluton here and there on the internet as a very inexpensive solution for those that need an affordable projector screen. His twist on it was to add the motor and remote control system.

Hervé already had a home automation system, and he did not want to use our built-in radio tubular motors with a dedicated multi-channel remote control, although that would have been easier. So he opted for our Universal Motor Interface for home automation product to control one of our non-radio Mini tubular motors (which is small enough to fit inside the Tupplur tube).

This project is also a good example of how you could use our Vera home automation controller. The Vera system is about choice, budget & versatility: it can be operated by any web enabled device via the browser (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops) and any operating system (Windows®, Apple®, Linux®, B2G, Android®, Tizen®, IOS®, etc). It can also control various different device protocols, such as Z-Wave®, Insteon®, and x10®. It can be customized to support any device with the Lua scripting language, although the built-in user-friendly interface can set up 'scenes' to do almost anything.

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