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Invisible Windows Screen

Windows Screen Shades / February 16, 2016

enter image description hereSo, for some time now I am noticing an invisible window in the bottom right corner of my screen. How I know it's there, well.. I can't click on anything else that is located there. Right mouse button brings a menu with unclickable back and forward options and clickable reload option (see pic).

So in pictures:

Casually browsing and clicking right-button on the mouse brings me the usual menu.

I go to the bottom right and click the right-mouse-button and a menu with 'back, forward and reload' shows up from the invisible window, left click and drag does nothing...

Same thing happens in the desktop and everywhere else I go and do. This invisible window is always on top which is annoying because I can't click what I want to click if it's behind the invisible window.

I've tried almost everything from alt-tabbing to checking task manager and nothing seems to work. It even happens when I have no windows open.

I've noticed that it happened ever since the Windows 10 anniversary update. Sometimes it's there sometimes it's not