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Menards Windows Screen

Windows Screen Shades / March 27, 2017

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I love Menards. I love the people, the service, the store layout, the specials and unique shopping experience. I find it fascinating that you can buy a house at this store. I purchased a GE dishwasher and used by store rebate to reduce the price. The product was delivered to store 10 days ahead of schedule. The store manager helped my with a plastic piece that broke so I was able to install the dishwasher myself the same day I picked it up. The grand opening just concluded and my review of the week is exciting. The store had guest personalities and sports athletes give autographs. There was a daily drawing but I did not win. The store had specials and for which I loaded up my cart with goodies. I like Menards because the store layout is fun to walk around. They have unique items, groceries, detergents, clothing, outdoor camping, decorations, furniture, etc that you just don't see at Lowes, etc. I like Menards because they have extensive showrooms and products on display. I like Menards because they give back some of your purchase in a store rebate that you can use at a later time to reduce future spending. Visit a few times and tell me how you like it!

I have been pleased with this Menards until last week when I was shopping for a retractable screen doors. There were several employees who were busy and one who was working at the computer. When I finally got his attention I found out quickly that he didn't know as much as I did about the products. All he knew was what he read on the computer screen. I had already done my research at home. He was no help. I will have to go to the Evendale store where they seem to know their merchandise.

Before Menard's opened, I drove just shy of 15 minutes twice a week to go to Lowe's or Home Depot. I was genuinely excited to get the same or similar stuff without having to drive across town. I thought the location of it would be too valuable to someone like me who is in a home improvement store quite a bit. It's not the same. The biggest two knocks I have: Knock #1: The level of knowledge and experience pales in comparison to the two competitors across town. I realize as the store is open longer, the level of expertise and knowledge will only increase. The plumbing section is ran by people who know very, very little. I'm slightly above a weekend warrior, but my questions are left with wrong guesses/solutions or shoulder shrugs. I couldn't find "plumber's tape" in the plumbing section, after 10 minutes I searched for an associate and asked about it. They said it was in paint. The guy in paint said, "That's in plumbing." When I told him they sent me to him, he rolled his eyes like this sort of thing happens frequently and radio'd down to plumbing. I also once spent 45 minutes walking around the store being passed off to 5 different associates looking for curtain cord holders. At one point they handed me a similar-looking stainless steel flag cleat and said, "That's all we've got." Pressing on, I finally got what I was looking for. But as I said, 45 minutes later and after being passed on. Knock #2: all of their hardware is in plastic bags. It's bad for the environment, has to raise the price, and it's super annoying when trying to compare a screw-for-screw assessment (or washer, or bolt, etc.) I'm sure they have their reason for it, but now they know my reason for going across the street to Sears or to Lowe's/Home Depot for hardware. It'll be awhile until I'm back and can trust the knowledge of the people working at Menard's. I've been in there 20+ times, so I feel like I've given them a fair shot. I just drove across town and spent more than $100 at Lowe's for the second time this week, but the guy at Lowe's knew step-by-step how to fix a hole in a screen window, what tools and supplies I needed, and I wasn't sent to paint in the process. (Screen looks great BTW!) The reason for 2-stars instead of 1 is the location, plain and simple.

YaY Menard's right by my house, I'm in trouble. You really can't beat this store when it comes to the home improvement sector. Their prices are cheap and items quality. I have purchased two patio sets, a drill set, and a lawnmower here, as well as many small ticket items. This new store is large and nice. The staff is already super knowledgeable and helpful even this soon after opening. Only reason for 4 stars is the huge discrepancy from online stock to what's really on site.

Very disappointing. Been watching this massive building going up and finally decided to stop in. Tried to get a couple copies of a key made and all they had was this kiosk, Minute Key. The help in the store was totally untrained. Can you believe a home center with no real key duplication capabilities? Well, I decided to go ahead and try it. The machine cut two keys and dispensed them AFTER inserting a credit card to pay for them and the copies were not cut on the correct key blank (I grew up in a hardware store and have been cutting keys for over 50 years). The machine doesn't even have a method to provide a receipt. The store staff was clueless. There is a tiny toll free number on the kiosk. I called in a vain attempt to get a refund of my $4.47 and got elevator music for 20+ minutes. The store just says it's not their machine and I have to deal with Minute Key. What a joke! My first and last time entering a Menards store! SOMETHING AS BASIC AS GETTING A KEY COPIED AND THIS MICKEY MOUSE JOINT CANT EVEN DO THAT! Don't bother! Go to Home Depot!

This Menards is so close to our home, we were excited seeing the store go up. well, big disappointment. We went over when it first opened to get a key made, what a nightmare. BE ADVISED this store does not have anyone to cut keys. The store employees sent us bk to the key kiosk to get a key made. We paid for the key and could tell immediately that the key made was NOT GOING TO FIT AT ALL. We immediately went to the store employee who advised us the store has nothing to do with the key kiosk and we had to contact MINUTE KEY for our money back. I was incredulous, Menards does not stand behind the key making unit in its own store. I then called Menards and asked to speak to the store mgr, a Zach. He too advised me we had to contact Minute Key to get our money back and gave me their phone number. Well, we did call Minute Key and spoke with a Sarah who took our information and said she would promptly get a refund out to us. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I would stay far away from this store, the staff seem poorly trained, literally ZERO customer service and they DO NOT stand behind products sold in their store. We will not be back. Better off driving to Lowe's or Home Depot for a hardware store, at these stores you get real hands on service and they know their stuff. Menards calls itself a hardware store but it seems more like a K Mart. We won't be back. Really need a zero star for places like this.