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Plastic Windows Screen Clips

Windows Screen Shades / October 11, 2022

Choose between Fixed (Velcro) Mount Vinyl Panels, or Retractable Mount Vinyl Curtains

Velcro Mount (Fixed): Our Velcro top attachment side-mounts to your hanging surface, and is further secured with marine snaps and grommets on L-screws. About 90% of our customers choose Velcro for clear vinyl applications.

Track Mount (Retractable): The tracking under-mounts to some overhead surfaces. With this mount you can retract the vinyl panels, and pull them back into place in a matter of seconds.

How to Get Started

Starting your porch or patio enclosure project is as easy as sending us some good photos of the area you want to enclose along with some simple measurements.


"They were measured and sewn perfectly according to the measurments I provided. I was able to install the curtains in less than 6 hours TOTAL! The ordering proccess was a cinch, and the installation was equally easy."

- Steve W, Tennessee

plastic porch enclosuresTemperature Resilience

Our panels withstand temperatures as low as -15° F, and as high as 90° F. Temperatures colder than -15° F will cause the panels to become brittle and potentially crack in the wind, and warmer than 90° F will slowly shrink the panels. We recommend running a low temp space heater on those nights below -5° F and removing the panels altogether once pollen season ends and temperatures reach 80° F.

Wind Resilience

Our panels can withstand winds as fast as 25 to 30 mph. For winds faster than that, we recommend opening the panels up so the wind can pass through. If you have these types of winds, let us know so that we can maximize stability.clear vinyl enclosures The tracking option will enable you to open curtains up quickly in strong winds. For faster wind speeds, tell your planner and depending on your situation, we will explain special stabilizing techniques and plan for ways to open your panels in high winds.

Warming Your Space

One of the biggest advantages to our clear vinyl panels is that they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space, even when the weather is bad. Many of our customers warm their space with an electric radiating heater or propane heater; our 20mm thick plastic does a good job retaining the heat! WARNING: We want to caution you not to use organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) as the fumes (carbon monoxide) produced by such heaters can be very dangerous, and potentially lethal.


Because of our careful research, and efficient manufacturing (done right here in the USA), our product is about 35% cheaper than any of our competitors. We’ve also worked very hard to keep the installation and takedown process as simple as possible, making it a simple DIY project for just about anyone—so don’t worry about paying a contractor $40 an hour to install your panels.

plastic patio enclosures clear plastic enclosures roll up vinyl Belted Rib

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