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Thermal Windows Screen

Windows Screen Shades / August 31, 2022

Series 500 single hung windowOur thermal-barrier Single Hung Windows are designed for homeowners who want traditional styling in a lower-priced window. Our Series 500 window has a special polyurethane thermal barrier. Separating the interior and exterior of the aluminum frame, the barrier dramatically reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Approximately 75% of a window's surface is glass. Our 7/8" insulated glass units provide the optimum air space available. Their double strength glass provides superior insulation. They are warranted for 10 years against seal failure. Some of our other insulated glass options are: Argon gas fill, tinted glass and Thermal Low-E Energy Saver Glass.

The Series 500 Single Hung Window is an innovative combination of superior materials, energy-saving technology, and beautiful styling. We believe it is America's finest window!

Standard Features

  • Sealed 7/8-in. insulated glass for optimum thermal efficiency
  • Interlocking meeting rails
  • High-density pile weatherstripping with mylar fin to seal out wind and water
  • Sloped anodized sill to promote water runoff
  • Durable extruded aluminum rolling screen
  • White, creme, almond, sandstone or bronze powdercoat colors are standard.
  • Fully operational lower sash tilts inward for cleaning
  • Center cam locks plus hidden metal security locks
  • Carbon steel spiral sash balances


  • Nailing fin
  • Custom sizes
  • Divided lites
  • Clear and dark bronze anodized finishes at additional cost
  • Aluminum screen mesh
  • Low-E glass, Argon gas fill, tint, panels, spandrels
  • ThermalSafe laminated glass

Five Standard Colors

Choose from white, creme, almond, sandstone or bronze. A wide selection of designer colors and anodized finishes are also available at an additional charge.

Other styles available in this series:
Series 525 XO Single Horizontal Slider

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