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Windows Screen Shades / March 8, 2020

Insect Screens

Insect Screens including Retractable’s

We supply all types of insect screens for windows and Doors. Insect screens can be used for all types of openings. We have available fixed window screens, fixed window screens with portholes for casement windows, Sliding insect screens for banks of casement windows, hopper windows and Servery screens. We also have in our range roller retractable insect screens and concertina retractable insect screens. We also have Standard Insect screen doors and roller retractable insect screen doors and concertina retractable insect screen doors for hinged, sliding and French doors.

“Toddler hurt in fall”

This is the heading of a story in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph Newspaper. A 3 year old girl was seriously injured when she fell from the window of a third floor unit. The toddler fell through a flyscreen and landed on a concrete driveway.

How can we prevent heartbreaking accidents like this happening?

Answer: Install a permanent security screen. Don’t be mislead that the only thing that security screens are good for are keeping intruders out. They most certainly can be used for keeping children safely in. Most security screens have the insect screen component as standard.

To rely solely on window lock that can be unlocked or timber rods in the track that can be easily removed. These options are a possible cause for concern as children are smart and they quickly learn how to open these options.

We suggest that you take a walk around your home and ask yourself the question. “Can my children/grandchildren fall from any windows in my home? Is there furniture close to any windows to allow them to climb to the window ledge from inside?

We all wish to keep our children safe.

To the family of the injured little girl all our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to you.

Retractable & Roller Insect & Fly Screens and Screen Doors

Down Under Insect Screens use National Screens as our supplier of retractable insect screens. If you are looking for advanced roll away flyscreens, need to fit a new screen door, or want advice on the benefits of retractable fly screens, then simply browse the many insect screens we have.

Our fly screens offer superior insect protection over other types of fly screens. Our Monarch Plus Retractable Insect Screen is designed for use with French doors, Bi Fold doors Servery and Casement Windows.

If you have large openings and are worried about the size of area that needs to be covered by a retractable insect screen, then the Monach Maxi Retractable Insect Screen is the solution.

Our pleated insect screens do not have the same inherent problems associated with traditional spring loaded retractable roller flyscreen systems. Our pleated screen doors are less prone to blow-out from the wind. Our retractable fly screens are not spring tensioned and gently manoeuvre into any position without the need of a brake.