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Windows Screen Latches

Windows Screen Shades / May 20, 2023

When operating the casement, first pull up on the lock until it is up as high as it will go. This will unlock the multi-point lock system. The sash can now be opened. If there is a bind in cranking the window open, double check to make sure the lock is fully disengaged. When closing the sash, crank the sash closed enough to engage the weatherstripping and then pull the lock lever down. Fold the crank handle back into its cradle after locking the window.

Our casement sash is adjusted for plumb, level, and square in our plant during production. Field adjustment for the sash can be done but it is not needed unless the window was installed out of square. Although there are some adjustment tolerances, the window should be re-installed when possible. The hinges are adjustable with the use of an open end 3/8" box wrench. The wrench must be thin enough to fit between the sash and frame. (Approximately 3/16" thick.) Gerkin does have these wrenches available. The best way to adjust the sash is to open the sash enough to expose the top and bottom hinges. Insert the box wrench around the pivot stud of the hinge where it attaches to the frame at the sill. While the wrench is attached to the stud, close the sash so that the sightlines can be viewed. Use caution when closing the sash. Closing the sash when using too thick of a wrench can cause damage. Rotate the wrench left or right until the sightlines around the sash are even. Once the proper adjustment has been made, remove the wrench. The same adjustments can be made at the head of the window as well. It is likely that if any adjustment is needed at all, both hinges will need to be re-adjusted rather than trying to make all of the adjustments at one hinge.

Screen removal is done by horizontally sliding the screen latches until they disengage with the window frame. Once all latches are disengaged, the screen can be removed. Reinstall screen with all screen latches pulled back. Position screen flush with the window frame, then engage each latch until the latch tab is flush with the screen.