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Windows Screen Patch

Windows Screen Shades / August 17, 2022

Welcome to LiquidSky Windows Patch v0.2.6, our newest update which features more user improvements and bug fixes to make your time in LiquidSky easier and more fun than before!

With our rough launch behind us, LiquidSky has made it our absolute priority to address all the bugs our users have reported. With every update, we hope to optimize and provide bug fixes so our users can get back to gaming!

In the following patch, you will find some fixes that will help ensure our users don’t lose any of their SkyCredits unintentionally and further bug fixes as well. As requested by our community, we have also added a patch number display into the client and a “forgot password” function to make things easier within LiquidSky!

facebookLiquidSky will continue to release updates as soon as possible to get the last remaining bugs out of the client. After we finish addressing the bugs in the client, LiquidSky is hoping to begin “boarding” to allow the world to experience the best in cloud gaming!

If you are having trouble updating, please delete your LiquidSky folder within “/user/appdata/roaming/LiquidSky” and re-run the program.

Read more about all the latest changes we made in LiquidSky Patch v0.2.6 below.


  • Total SkyCredits and SkyCredit usage will now correctly update in real time on the home screen, user profile and SkyComputer menu.
  • Screen resolution will now always be properly displayed when launching SkyComputer.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing black lines and incorrect window sizes to appear on screen.
  • TIP: If you are still encountering these issues, please set your SkyComputer resolution to 1080P in the SkyComputer Menu.


  • A notification has been added to warn users when they are exiting the client without turning off their SkyComputer
  • Client version number will now be correctly displayed on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Added “Forgot Password” functionality to the login screen. Users may now reset their password if they forgot it in the past.


  • Client/SkyComputer CPU usage has been dramatically reduced.


  • The Chennai, India data center will be opening up soon.


  • Issues regarding increased mouse responsiveness in the SkyComputer are still being worked on.
  • Various authentication errors such as the “All servers in this data center are currently full” error have been acknowledged and are being prioritized.
  • A bug which causes users to encounter an “ok” screen and logged out of their SkyComputer is currently being worked on.
  • An issue that causes users to receive a black screen upon entering their SkyComputer is being fixed.
  • A render crash issue which results in “frozen” SkyComputer screens is currently being fixed.
  • LiquidSky Boarding will begin soon!

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