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Remember the days when the only set of curtains of your house were taken down for washing, making your rooms look naked and stripped of privacy? We are sure you must have wished for an extra set of door & window curtains to shut out the nosy neighbours and peeping toms lurking around your house. History has seen great interior designers using curtains to divide one room from another. And it’s amazing to know that even with window blinds and various other window treatments available in the market, curtains are still the most preferred window coverings used by designers and homemakers today.

Blocking the sunlight from entering your home and creating privacy are not the only purposes a curtain serves today. They are quite important for improving the look and feel of your interiors too. You must have seen various well-to-do houses on movies and televisions using curtains & accessories to add uniqueness and elegance to a house. Well, you can make your home look stylish and valuable too. Just keep the following things in mind while buying door & window curtains online.

How to Decorate your Abode with Curtains?

It’s good to buy curtains online because that way you will be able to consider various styles and decide which one will look great on your walls. If you don’t want too many decorations in your roms then, use curtains to beautify the space.

Types - Curtains are available in three types and they are categorized based on their utility. The used to cover the doors, window curtains used to screen the windows and room divider curtains used to separate living areas.

Pattern - Patterns also play a big role in making a difference. The decor of your house should be in alignment with the patterns of your curtains. If you have plain and light-colored walls, then you can go with stripes, bold geometric designs and different prints. But, if you already have wallpapers decorating your walls then select a plain, single-colored design for your curtains to complement your decor.

Height - Height of your curtains is important to consider as it should look like they are covering your windows and not just fitting it. Make sure the curtains are hung five inches above and below the window line. But, there is no harm in hanging both the window & door curtains higher as that can add a dramatic look to your walls.

Fabric Color and Quality - It’s always best to use dark and light shades for curtains depending on the color of your room. But, never use bright colors as they might ruin the overall look and make the room look too bright. The quality of the fabric matters too. Light or dark, if the curtain uses a thick fabric, then it keeps the light out and hangs in a crisp and elegant fashion. But, if it’s sheer or light fabric, then make sure you use them just for decoration as they can fly with the winds and provide little privacy.

Is Using Curtain Accessories a Good Idea?

Now that you know about what to check while buying door & window curtains online, it’s time you learnt about the curtain accessories . Their sole purpose is to make your curtains, door and window frames look beautiful.

Curtain Rods - Almost all your doors and windows will need curtain rods, so select one that complements the theme of your abode. They are available in wooden, metal and decorative designs. But, buy the ones that are stronger and can handle the weight of your curtains.

Curtain Brackets - These cover the rough ends of curtain rods and make them look stylish. These brackets or finials are crafted in flower shapes, antique themes and various rustic styles too.

Others - You can also use tassels, eyelet rings and curtain hooks to bind your curtains and give the space a royal look.

So, enhance the beauty of your rooms and abode by adorning your walls with eye-catching curtains and accessories. Let your guests and neighbours talk about your interiors in front of their friends.

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