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Windows Screen Shades / August 25, 2017

Each exterior storm window has both good and bad appearance issues. So, what to do? To solve this problem, more and more people are putting their storm windows INSIDE the house.

This allows your prime windows to face the world in all their glory, solving the “blank stare” problem encountered by covering divided light windows. Here you get the best of both worlds. Interior storm windows can easily be removed for summer storage and cleaning.

For additional energy savings you can use both an exterior and interior storm window. There are a few great interior storm window companies out there.

There are many types of interior storm windows. You can even make your own for a few dollars. Do a search – there are many ways to make them. My suggestion would be to use plexi-glass.

Since they are not outside, you really don’t need to construct a typical window frame. I just put some wood together, stained it and applied felt weather stripping to the edges so not to scratch my wood-work.