Screen Tight Screen Frame Corners 5/16 - 2 Packs of 4 | eBay

Windows Screen Frame Corners

Windows Screen Shades / September 20, 2022

Screen corners are made of high strength plastic that keeps the screen together and square within your original or replacement window screen frames. There are two types of corners: Outside Square Corners which come in three different colors and fit in frame that is cut square. The second type is Inside Corners which are for frame-cut at 45 degree, miter cut and is completely covered by the screen frame. Our window screen corners are easy to install and takes only seconds. Shop Metro Screenworks’ full line corners for your replacement window screen frame installation.

NOTE: Screen corners are specific to the brand of screen frame you have and our corners are not guaranteed to fit your specific frame. We have a no return policy on our window corners. Contact us with your questions! Or please send a sample of corner if you want us to match.

Not sure how to install your window screen corners or unsure how much window or screen door repair parts, or window screen material you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen door or replacement window screen frame here!

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