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Windows Screen Guard for Cat

Windows Screen Shades / March 27, 2019

Damage to window screens generally occurs from inside and is caused by pets.Damage to window screens generally occurs from inside and is caused by pets.

Pets and children damage window screens as they go about their everyday play and other activities. Damaged screens are unsightly and fail to keep flying insects out of the house when the windows are open. Window screen guards have the added benefit of acting as yet another barrier to intruders attempting to enter your home. Cats are particularly hard on window screens because of their climbing ability and the need to sharpen their claws. Window screen guards deny cats access to mesh screens, preventing holes and laddering.

Measure the width of the window from one side of the window jamb to the other side.

Close the window and measure from the place at the bottom of the interior casing, where the window seats when it is closed, to a spot halfway up the sliding window.

Place the window grille guard, sized to match the measurements you made of the window — available in either stock sizes or custom made at home improvement stores — into the window frame between the side jambs and resting on the bottom of the interior casing where the window closes.

Mark the holes in the brackets that are located on each side of the grille guard, where they meet each side of the window jamb. Set the grille aside.

Drill pilot holes on each mark using an appropriate size bit for the size screws that comes with your particular grille guard.

Position the grille guard in the window so that the holes in the bracket align with the holes in the window jambs.

Drive the screws included with the grille guard through the grille brackets into the pilot holes drilled into the window jamb to finish the installation.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Window grille guard with screws
  • Electric drill


  • Do not leave any open space at the bottom of the window where a cat can squeeze through.
  • Make certain to leave the window lock accessible as well as enough room to grasp the top rail to open the window.