Prime-Line Products L 5778 Window Screen Clips, Flush, Clear

Windows Screen Retainer Clips

Windows Screen Shades / July 13, 2022

Which window will retain the heat in my home during the winter and keep the heat out in the summer? Any window will to a certain exent, but Lindsay Windows are more efficient than the competition. Ask about "U Value", the number which rates energy efficiency for the industry and is used by all governing entities to measure energy efficiency.

Lindsay uses Super Spacer (no metal) between the panes of glass-the warmest and best spacer system on the market. Many competitors use a metal spacer which conducts heat and cold. Lindsay has the highest argon retention because of the dual spacer on the glass seal.

Lindsay has a multi point lock which locks the window in 3 places (top, center, bottom) with only one locking lever. Many competitors have a lock which only locks the window in the center.

Lindsay has three pieces of weatherstrip. Many competitors have one piece. The more weatherstrip the better the seal-this is why Lindsay Windows have the lowest air infiltration rate.

Lindsay screens are kept in place with hidden screen retainers. Many competitors have two screen retainer clips which don’t look very nice. Many competitor screens rattle, Lindsay screens do not. Try the Lindsay sample and the competitor to see (and hear) for yourself!

Lindsay Windows are high quality vinyl so no staining is required. They will not rot, rust, warp or be subject to damage if the window should get wet. Wood windows are subject to rot, warping, and having to be painted on hot summer days.

Competitors spends millions of dollars on advertising each year-which their customers pay for in higher prices and lower quality. Lindsay spends very little on adversiting-we put our money in the product so our customers get the best value.

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