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Windows Screen Spring Pins

Windows Screen Shades / May 26, 2019

During summer ventilation, it is a common occurrence to switch on the light and see a room full of insects. Insect screens can avoid this problem.
For modern windows we have available easily removable screens for windows; for older windows we have window screens with spring pins or fasteners that require drilling into the window. For frequent use and almost invisible storage of the insect screen into the window, we recommend the roller type that can simply be hidden at the side of the window when the screen is not in use. For doors (on the balcony or the terrace) there is the H1 model, which can be easily removable. All models are accessible in the set of colours according to the RAL sampler.

Where there is not sufficient space for any other kind of insect screens, it is advisable to choose pleated insect screen, both for windows and for doors. Types of insect screen: Window screens, Door screens, Pleated insect screens

Source: www.isotra.com