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Windows Screen Shades / May 6, 2019

An exclusive preview screening of ‘Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman’, an upcoming documentary feature film by Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Susan Steinberg.

After three years filming behind the gallery walls of London, Susan Steinberg reveals the intimate journey of the evolution of 10 women, aged 22 to 82, as they become artists of the 21st century. The documentary follows an international cast; from Cairo, France, Germany, Lebanon, the United States and the United Kingdom, all now living and working in London as they forge their careers in and around the heat of the blazing trail left by 20th century female art ancestry.

This fast-paced documentary puts the lens between art and life to reveal the dynamic and multi-faceted story of this enigmatic calling. In the negotiation between art and life, the artist emerges.

This screening will be introduced by the filmmaker Susan Steinberg.

Artists featuring in Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman: Maliheh Afnan, Alice Anderson, Helaine Blumenfeld OBE, Jodie Carey, Susan Collins, Nermine Hamman, Charlotte Hodes, Sarah Lederman, Almuth Tebbenhoff and Rose Wylie RA.