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Bronze Windows Screen

Custom Windows Screen / July 29, 2017

Peppered Steel 110The extruded aluminum clad exterior on Sierra Pacific windows and doors features a finish composed of durable 100% flouropolymer powder coating thermoset to meet AAMA 2605 standards. Powder coatings are more friendly to the environment than liquid coatings for many reasons, including:

  • Powder coatings emit near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Liquid coatings are a major source of man-made VOCs.
  • The application of liquid coatings requires additional energy usage to operate the thermal oxidizers and scrubbers necessary to lower the VOC emissions generated during the wet paint process.
  • Powder is solvent free. Application of powder does not require the use of solvents necessary in liquid coating applications.
  • Powder coating is an EPA recommended finishing system, contributing to the Green Building Initiative.
  • Powder coated finishes have more surface hardness and scratch resistance than common liquid coatings.

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ColorStay™ Collection

White 001

Linen* 032

French Linen 112

Morning Dove Gray 113

Colonial White 313

Sandstone 003

Beige 335

Tan 043

Gull Gray* 007

Seawolf* 044

Fashion Gray 111

Slate Gray 045

Battleship Gray* 321

TW Black 061

Black Sable* 060

Slate Blue 008

Light Blue 046

Steel Blue* 114

Aqua Mist 115

Hampton Blue 323

Sage Green 005

Teal 047

Hemlock Green 048

Patina Green 051

Forest Green 049

Evergreen 009

Green 004

Hartford Green* 050

Sift Espresso 097Moss 031

Greek Olive* 081

Terra Cotta 053

Clay* 026

ICI Brown 056

Colonial Red* 054

Harvest Cranberry 010

Burgundy 055

Deep Plum 116

Deep Taupe 077

Antique Bronze* 057

TW Brown 058

Bahama Brown* 309

Regal Brown 059

Brown 002

Bronze* 024

Black* 023

* Colors Available in Sierra Pacific Vinyl Offering (14)

Textured Collection

Peppered Steel 110

Sift Espresso 097

Mocha 098

Cajun Spice 099

Pesto 100

Weathered Collection

Weathered Café Royale 104

Weathered Cocoa 105

Weathered Brown 034

Weathered Bronze 078

Weathered Clay 075

Weathered Red Pepper 106

Weathered Rust 076

Weathered Basil 107

Pearl Metallic Collection

El Cajon Silver 068

Platinum 067

Light Bronze Pearl 069

Medium Bronze Pearl 070

Dark Bronze Pearl 071

Metallic Collection

Alpine Silver 062

Metallic Champagne 063

Bronze Classic 064

Classic Copper 088

Mocha 093Copper Penny 065

Industrial Collection

Medium Bronze Industrial 101

Dark Bronze Industrial 102

CA Anodized Collection

Clear Anodized 103

Medium Bronze Anodized 096

Dark Bronze Anodized 095

Black Anodized 117

WI Anodized Collection

Clear Anodized 332

Medium Bronze Anodized 307

Dark Bronze Anodized 306

Black Anodized 353

Copper Anodized 352

Note – Anodized suppliers are regionally based to our plants, so don’t mix and match.
Colors on screen may vary from physical colors. See your local representative for actual cladding samples.

Standard Casement Hardware

Truth Encore® hardware is standard and features a low profile folding handle with nesting cover. Sash locks and crank handles are die-cast zinc. A stainless steel hardware package is available for coastal applications.

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Bright Chrome

Cajun Spice 099Brushed Chrome

Brushed Nickel

Western Pewter

Antique Brass

Bright Chrome Brushed Chrome Brushed Nickel Western Pewter Antique Brass

Upcharge and additional lead time may apply.

Choosing the Correct Glazing System

Today’s architecture features ever increasing expanses of glass to capture views and allow natural light to illuminate interiors. Choosing the correct glazing system (the glass and the spacer between the panes of glass) for your climate, exposure and architectural design is one of the most important decisions you will make during the construction process. Sierra Pacific’s advanced glazing system features a 100% polymer structural foam spacer by Quanex, (the world’s only NO-Metal Warm Edge insulating glass spacer) paired with high-performance, spectrally-selective low-E glass.

Warm Edge

In order to overcome the thermal inefficiency of conventional aluminum window spacers, a new type of spacer product called warm edge technology has evolved in the window industry. Warm Edge refers to the type of spacer material used to separate the panes of glass in an insulated window unit. If the material conducts less heat or cold at the edge of the glass than a conventional aluminum spacer, it is said to be "warm-edge." Most of these newer window spacers are less conductive and outperform pure aluminum. But there’s still one small problem - they all contain some kind of metal. And metal is highly conductive. Unlike other so-called "warm" edge spacers that contain steel or aluminum wrapped in butyl rubber, the Quanex spacer is made of 100% polymer structural foam. The NO-Metal formula conducts less heat and cold than conventional metal spacers and provides the warmest possible edge.

The NO-Metal Warm Edge:

  • Assures comfortable humidity levels and reduces worries about condensation and mold
  • Resists window condensation
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Provides long-life durability
  • Reduces outside noise transmittance
  • Structural thermoset foam spacer reduces the stress on the system therefore reducing stress on the glass which results in less stress cracks and reduces stress on the sealant increasing sealant effectiveness
  • Globally tested and proven spacer system

Ideal Glass Performance

The insulating effect of your windows has a direct impact on the comfort factor inside your home or commercial building. Typically 75% of the exposed surface of a window is glass, and the temperature of the interior surface of the glass directly affects the air temperature in the room. The better insulated the glass, the more comfortable the room. Sierra Pacific offers many glass options, including energy efficient, spectrally-selective low-E insulated glass, tinted, obscure and specialty glazings.

High Performance Double Coat Low-E Insulated Glass

Reduce Heating and Cooling Loads
High performance insulated glass with two low-E coatings blocks more solar heat than ordinary low-E and clear glass. The oppressive heat of the sun is composed of visible light and invisible infrared energy. Insulated glass produced with two low-E coatings allows the daylight to pass through the glass and filters out solar heat. In fact, it blocks a large percentage of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and delivers a performance improvement in winter nighttime insulation (R-value) compared to non-coated air-filled insulating glass.

High Performance Triple Coat Low-E

Insulated Glass
Insulated glass with three low-E coatings delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. This glass provides year-round comfort and energy savings, making it a good option no matter where you live. The secret is a triple layer of silver in the coating stack. It is formulated to reject solar heat while maintaining attractive visibility. It keeps the heat out while letting light in.

Weathered Café Royale 104 El Cajon Silver 068 Quanex TrueWARM Spacer Sierra Pacific also offers a wide variety of glazing options to meet your requirements including:

Source: www.sierrapacificwindows.com