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Window Screens / April 5, 2017

How to make a Reversible-Folding-ScreenI have an obsession with DIY decorating, but one decorating item in particular truly excites me when I choose items for a room. It is an item that is so useful and versatile when decorating a home that no home should be without one. It can be easily found at furniture stores as well as yard sales, thrift stores, and best of all it is very easy to make one on your own.

My decorating obsession – the decorative folding screen.

A decorative screen can change an entire room in an instant. It provides decoration as well as multiple functions since it can be easily moved from room to room wherever you may need it.

A Decorative Folding Screen Can be Used In Many Ways:

  • Stand one behind a bed to fill in for a headboard.
  • Fill an awkward or empty corner.
  • Divide two rooms that are open to each other.
  • Hide unsightly views.
  • To provide privacy
  • They are portable and one screen can perform different functions wherever you need it.
  • A decorative screen no matter what its styling will add instant impact to any room.

I have four – I feel like I should say that in shame, but I know all you collectors understand – it is hard for me to pass one up. I just made a new reversible one using 3 bi-fold doors I found at my local ReStore. The one on the left below was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law, the one on the right I found at a yard sale.

Decoratie Folding-Screens

I will probably paint them someday, but for now – they will stay as they are.

I bought my very first folding screen at a yard sale when I lived in New Jersey. I wish I had a before photo of it, but I do have the after’s – two of them. The first makeover I did was published in a Martin Senour Paint company magazine. The second makeover of this screen was for my bedroom where it has lived for many years until last week when I moved it to make way for my DIY version.

Since bi-fold doors are identical on both sides I figured I should paint each side a different color so I could change the look of my room by the seasons or on a whim. Here is the screen shown with the white side facing the room.

Turn it around and PRESTO- CHANGE-O a pop of color.

I chose to paint it pink since I accessorize the room with pink accents and pink just makes me happy.

How to Make a Decorative Folding Screen:

supplies needed:

3 Bi-Fold Doors
6 Hinges
Primer and Paint
Paint Brush

1. Wash and dry the doors to make sure to remove all dirt and grease. Let dry.

Decorative-Folding-Screen Ideas2. To assemble the screen – attach two doors together first with three hinges along the long sides. Then add the third door with 3 more hinges. Make sure that the doors are lined up and the bottom of each door is level with the other two before attaching the hinges. If your doors are not exactly the same height – it is OK if the tops are not level. My doors were all the same height, but the center door has a different panel design than the other two.

Hinge Placement:

1. I had these hinges on hand. They are small, but work fine. Larger hinges should be used so that the metal plate is almost as wide as the edge of the door. If you use larger hinges – two may be all you need on each side.

2. Line up two doors and place 3 hinges evenly along the length of the door. Use a screwdriver to attach the hinges.

3. Turn the two doors around that are attached so the hinges are facing the floor. Add the third door the same way you did the first two – but adding the hinges to the opposite edge of the second door. Place the hinges so that the joint bump is face up and there is space between the doors as wide as that hinge joint is.

To paint the folding screen:

1. I used gripping primer first since the doors had dark stains on them and a slick finish.

2. I used a 2” angled brush to paint the recessed areas of the doors and a roller to paint the flat sections.

To paint each side a different color and not see the other side’s color – paint only the right side edge on the first and third door with the second color. (See photo below) Paint only the left edge of the center door the second color. When you turn the screen around placed in the same position you won’t see the pink color.

Fun and colorful!

Turn it around – neutral and serene.

This was a very easy project. Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells hundreds of door in all shapes, styles, and sizes. I paid $7.00 for each of my doors. If I add in the cost of the paint and hinges, the door cost around $30.00 to make. Right now it is going to decorate the corner of my bedroom, but the colors will also go in my studioffice so you may see it hanging out in there someday.

I am heading out to my local ReStore tomorrow to join other bloggers and thrifters around the country for I

Blue-and-White-Decorating- Bedroom-Decorative-Folding Screen-i How-to-pick-paint-colors Hinges