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Windows Screen Shades / May 7, 2020

Broken glass can cause serious injuries. Always wear protective gloves, work boots, and goggles when you are removing glass from a window. Remove the glass safely and clean old putty and fixings from the rabbet, as shown here, before reglazing.

The technique for glass fixed with glazing beads is similar. Tape the glass before prying off the beads (you can reuse them). You should be able to free the pane from any glazing silicone fairly easily by cutting around the silicone with a craft knife. With the glass removed, scrape out the old caulk, prime any bare wood, and reglaze.

Apply strips of masking tape over the surface of the window pane to prevent shards from falling when you remove the remaining glass (image 1).

Protect surfaces below the window with drop cloths to catch broken glass. Tap the glass with the butt of a hammer to loosen it (image 2).

Carefully remove the loose, large sections of glass first, then pick out the smaller shards. Dispose of broken glass safely (image 3).

Use a hacking knife or old chisel to remove the old putty and stubborn pieces of glass from around the glazing rabbet (image 4).