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Lowes Windows Screen Frames

Windows Screen Shades / November 21, 2021

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA - On 7/7/15, my husband and I came to Lowe's with the expectation of exploring floor blinds and shades solutions. We recently moved into a nearby quaint Colonial home and faced challenges with the multi-wood frames. That evening, we met with the store department employee who, in short, recommended that we have an installer come to the home for $35 and provide a professional consult. She advised that we would hear from him in 2 days. I advised her that this project was long past due so that it would be critical to hear from him within the week. We had 7 windows to get dressed and I was eager, having already been in the home for a month without coverings.

It took a week or more to receive our first phone call from Bob the subcontractor. Days passed until I inquired with my husband who took the call. He explained that the man was rude and very non-customer friendly. Bob told Manny that he would be in touch shortly to schedule that visit. Some length of time passed again and we made a visit to that same dept. employee at the store and she tried hard to ignore our plight for service. First pretending to be thoroughly busy and stating she would inquire and get back which didn't happen.

Even more time passed and after more inquiries with no response, I took it upon myself to call Bob Thursday, 8/28/15, and I explained that I would have 4 days off in the following week, that I would really like to schedule that paid visit. He advised that he would be away for the weekend and would call me upon his return. Having spoken to him myself, I will attest to my husband's testimony of his being aggravated, difficult and rude. Again, he did NOT call me.

I went to the store today to request a refund and purchased 2 temporary blinds. And the same dept. employee pulled up the notes, claiming that she tried to reach me on 9/3/15, which I highly doubt held any truth. I have waited well over two months to put this appointment in place. There were no signs of missed calls or voice messages.

Frankly, I felt discriminated against, and while she claimed earnestly disappointed that she would lose our business, she also stated, "Well I wish I would have known this was going on…" And I point blankly explained to her that she did know because we made a store visit to see her and she made a promise that she herself did not keep. It is in that false etiquette that I'm gravely disappointed. I also asked her to make my complaint known.

I question Lowe's as a community partner. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the value of excellent customer service all too well. We are highly disappointed with the lack of care received and though I was refunded my $35, I would have far more liked my 7 windows covered 2 MONTHS AGO. I also would have liked to rant raving reviews about the prompt and good service from Lowe's, but now I cannot. I have receipts of everything to back my story.