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DIY Windows Screen Frame

Windows Screen Shades / March 11, 2022

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By: Danny Lipford

Preparing to attach screening to a window screen.

Here’s how to make a window screen for your windows and install screening on it.

  1. Measure Window Opening: Measure the space the window screen will occupy, and then subtract 1/4″ from each dimension to determine the outside dimensions of the screen frame.
  2. Cut Screen Frame Stock: Subtract 1½” from the outside screen dimensions above to allow for the 3/4″ screen frame corner connectors. Use a power miter saw with a fine tipped blade or a hacksaw to cut the aluminum screen frame stock square to length.
  3. Assemble Screen Frame: Push the “L” shaped corner connectors into the screen frame so the spline tracks in the corners and frame align.
  4. Cut Screening: Lay the screen frame on a flat surface, and roll the screening out over it. Cut the screen approximately 1” larger than the frame.
  5. Insert Spline in Screen Frame: Use the concave side of a spline roller to press the rubber spline into the groove on one side of the screen frame. Pull the screening taut (but not too tight) and insert the spline in the groove on the opposite side of the frame. Repeat on the other two sides of the screen frame.
  6. Remove Excess Screening: Use a utility knife to cut off the excess screening on the outer edge of the spline channel.
  7. Install Window Screens: Hardware kits are available to install window screens on windows so they are removable for cleaning.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: You can replace a missing window screen by making your own with a few materials from the hardware store.

First measure the space into which the screen must fit. You’ll subtract one-quarter-inch from each dimension, so you have an eighth of an inch clearance on each side.

The corners of the frame are made from plastic “L” shaped connectors. That square in the corner of these connectors is three quarters of an inch by three quarters of an inch, so subtract one and a half inches from each dimension to cut the screen frame.

Here we’re cutting the vinyl coated aluminum frame with a power miter saw, but a hacksaw will also work. Next the corner connectors are fitted into the frame pieces to form two large “L”s, which are then connected to form a rectangle. Remember to be sure that the spline tracks in the connector and frame align with each other.

Now you can roll out and cut the screen about an inch larger than the frame on all sides. Place the frame on a flat surface, and lay the screen over it.

The spline is a rubber cord which you’ll press into the groove in the frame to hold the screen in place. Start at a corner of the frame, and press it in the length of one side using the concave side of the spline roller. Then pull the screen snug across the frame, and insert the spline on the opposite side. Repeat this procedure on the two remaining sides of the rectangle and the screen is secure.

Finally, use a utility knife to cut off the excess screen just outside the spline, and the screen is ready to install.

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