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Rear Windows Screen for Trucks

Windows Screen Shades / November 9, 2019

Other than that, how this particular pane of auto glass is made, functions, and feature, set it apart from the front windshield.

How is the rear windshield made?

Unlike the front windshield, the glass for the rear windshield is made in the same way that auto glass is made for the side window, vent window, or quarter glass panes: tempered glass. The glass is strengthened by thermal or chemical treatments so that it can withstand blunt force, but will shatter into tiny, granular chunks of glass instead of shards. This is a feature of tempered glass and is often called “safety glass” for this reason.

What are some of the features of the rear windshield?

The rear windshield comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on what kind of vehicle you are driving. Most cars have a rear windshield that is completely bonded to the rear of the frame of the vehicle, while some trucks have sliding panes called “truck sliders” or ones that open outwards on a hinge so that air may circulate in the vehicle or provide additional room for larger loads. Some vehicles have rear windshield wipers to wipe dirt and water off of the rear windshield, so the rear view is not obstructed.

What are those lines on my rear windshield?

All rear windshields must be clean and clear so that the driver can utilize the rearview mirror properly when changing lanes and reversing. The lines are thermal and integrated into the rear defroster, which runs a small current of electricity to heat the rear windshield pane.