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Windows Screen Shades / August 25, 2022

Dallas, Texas (May 10th, 2016) – Milgard® announces its window and patio door products are now available for purchase through Home Depot in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin areas of Texas.

The Home Depot will be selling a large selection of Milgard products in 60 Dallas Fort Worth stores and 17 Austin stores. Window and patio door products available include: Style Line® Series vinyl, assembled locally in Grand Prairie; HermosaTM Series vinyl, designed specifically for Texas; Tuscany® Series vinyl; Montecito® Series vinyl; Quiet LineTM Series vinyl for superior sound reduction; UltraTM Series fiberglass and Aluminum Series, assembled locally in Grand Prairie. Products will be available through the Home Depot Catalog which can be accessed through the in store Prodesk or from the Millworks department.

“Home Depot is a great partnership for Milgard because they focus on both commercial and residential projects and with twelve product lines Milgard has a solution for most all of their needs, ” said Ryan Scott, Milgard Texas Home Center Sales Representative.

“I am excited for two strong brands to bring a quality window with a Full Lifetime Warranty to the Texas Market, ” said Bill Schmidt, Milgard Texas Sales Manager.

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