Prime-Line Products L 5785 Window Screen Plunger Bolts, 3/8-Inch-7

Windows Screen Plunger Latch

Windows Screen Shades / September 7, 2022

Recent Job Requests for Install or Repair Door or Window Screens Contractors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina:

Project Location: Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Date: 05/2017

Floor of screen installation: First

Kind of Screen: Insect screen (traditional)

Quantity Needed: 6 - 10

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: More than 2 weeks

What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

Property Owner: Yes

Comment: Replacing six screens in my screened/enclosed porch. Four of the screens are approx 24 3/4" x 55 1/2" and two are roughly 33" x 55 1/2".

Project Description: Screen in existing covered porch or patio

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Comment: Build screen porch over existing deck

Project Location: Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Project Location: Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Date: 04/2017

Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks

Comment: We just need the screen door on our screened in porch redone

Comment: Screen door glide wheel is broken, screen has a tear.

Date: 02/2017

Quantity Needed: 1

Comment: We have some windows that are not plum (straight) and have gaps. They are not old and not wood, they are covered vinyl. Can these be fixed?

Date: 12/2016

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