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Double Hung Windows Screen Removal

Windows Screen Shades / November 26, 2020

Sash Tilting & Removal

For cleaning purposes, double hung sash may be tilted in and/or removed. To tilt, unlock and raise the bottom sash approximately 4” to 6”. Tilt latches are located on each side of the bottom sash check rail. Simultaneously push both release levers toward the center of the sash. This will allow the sash to be tilted toward the inside of the building.

Carefully tilt the sash in. At 90° the carriage blocks will lock in place so that they will not raise or fall in the jambliner. For complete removal tilt sash 90°. In this position, lifting one side of the sash higher than the other will allow removal of the sash from the frame. If need be, the sash can be tilted past 90° and gently rested on the sill to facilitate cleaning the outside of the sash from inside the building.

The top sash may also be tilted and/or removed. Lower the sash 4” to 6”. The top sash tilt latches will be visible on the top rail. Following the same release procedure as the bottom sash will allow the top sash to be tilted and/or removed for cleaning. Reverse process to replace or reposition sash. NOTE: To tilt the top sash the lower sash must already be either tilted or removed.

Video Demonstration